6 Websites with Awesome E-Commerce Email Inspiration

6 Websites with Awesome E-Commerce Email Inspiration

Creating the perfect e-commerce marketing email is hard.

Finding a balance between establishing your store’s brand, writing engaging copy, providing interesting content (in the form of product recommendations, product educations, etc.), and having a great email design can actually be quite difficult.

You might just be beginning to tap into email marketing as a tool for your e-commerce store, and have no idea where to start in terms of designing your emails.

Alternately, you have been in the email marketing game of a while now, but you’re just running out of fresh ideas that will encourage your subscribers to engage with your marketing emails.

Either way, you just need a little inspiration. A great place to begin is to look at what other successful e-commerce stores are doing with their marketing emails.

But to save you the effort of manually subscribing to a bunch of newsletters (and the hassle of sifting through an overload of marketing emails every day), here is a list of websites that will give you some inspiration for your own e-commerce emails.

1. Really Good Emails

really good emails website homepage ecommerce category email examples

Really Good Emails is the top website for all your email inspiration needs. Here, you can search through thousands of different emails – over 250 pages of them in fact. The best part: you can easily narrow your results – either by selecting a particular category, or by entering keywords into their search engine.

Really Good Emails allows you to filter by categories, such as Behavioral (including Abandoned Cart and Thank You), Industry (like Ecommerce, Beauty and Personal Care, and Technology), and Transactional (Confirmation and Receipt, for example).

Because the dropdown menu is so comprehensive, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for in this list of categories. However, the search engine is useful for looking for emails from a particular e-commerce store. You can look at what similar stores are doing with their emails.

You can also submit your own emails to Really Good Emails’ already massive collection. They’re quite picky, though (their words, not mine!). However, this ensures that the emails featured on their website are Really Good Emails, and not just Average Emails.

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2. Pinterest

Pinterest is probably most well known as a platform for fashion inspiration, home design, and recipes, but it’s also a great place for finding ideas for email. Simply enter ‘email’ or ‘email design’ in the search engine for hundreds of different Pins, which are sure to inspire you.

pinterest pins email designs inspiration

There are also a number of Boards already created by Pinterest user, who have spent time sifting through and collecting great emails from the site.

pinterest board canva email examples inspiration

Perhaps the most useful function of Pinterest is the ability to save emails you’ve seen on the site. Simply create a Board, and pin emails you’re inspired by to it, so you can look at them again at a later time.

So you don’t have to look hard, our team has also put together a few boards of the best e-commerce email inspiration on Pinterest:

E-Commerce Welcome Email Inspiration

E-Commerce Customer Education Emails

E-Commerce Win-Back Emails

E-Commerce Sale Emails

E-Commerce Abandoned Cart Emails

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3. HTML Email Gallery

Similar to Really Good Emails’ dropdown menu, HTML Email Gallery also allows you to search their large collection of emails by category. What’s different with this website, though, is that you’re able to filter by the email colour and season. These are particularly helpful for finding emails that match your stores’ colour scheme, as well as giving you some email design ideas for different seasons.

HTML Email Gallery inspiration category colour green

They also have a Tips & Tricks section, which could be useful. Here, they post links to blog posts from various other sites that might be helpful for learning how to design your emails.

4. The Best of Email

Even though The Best of Email hasn’t been regularly updated as of late, there are still quite a few helpful resources that will help you find some inspiration for your e-commerce emails. There are two sections of this website that are of note – the Inspiration Gallery and the Blog.

the best of email inspiration gallery blog

The Inspiration Gallery showcases a number of great emails, including birthday emails and emails with great copy. The Blog is also full of helpful posts on a range of topics, like Email Design, Segmentation and List Growth & Management.

5. EmailsFresh

emailsfresh e-commerce email gallery inspiration

This website provides a number of great examples of different types of e-commerce emails that you’ll probably use for your store. These include transactional emails (like welcome emails and confirmation emails), in addition to email newsletters and informational emails.

EmailsFresh option to search by industry allows you to see what other stores like provide similar products and services are doing with their email marketing.

What’s also great about EmailsFresh is that you have the ability to sort emails by rating, allowing you to take some inspiration from the most successful and popular emails on the site.

6. Email Design Inspiration

Email Design Inspiration has two great features that are useful for email marketing.

Firstly, they have a number of examples of great emails for you to search through. Although there isn’t a way to search or filter the emails featured in the gallery, you can sort the vast amount of emails by ratings. These ratings are based on star reviews left by users, who also comment their thoughts on the different emails featured on the website.

Email Design Inspiration also has a blog full of posts with helpful tips and information for email marketers.

email design inspiration blog posts

With all this email inspiration, it’s time to get stuck into creating some emails!

However, if you’re feeling unsure about how to design your emails for e-commerce, read here: How to Design Your Emails for E-Commerce Sales.

For more tips on how to really get the most out of your email newsletters, read here: Killer Tips for Designing Email Newsletters for Gigantic Conversions.

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