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10 Great Jewelry Email Design Examples to Get Inspired By

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and generate sales. 

Unlike social media, email is a direct line of communication where you can reach people at all stages of the customer journey with tailored messages. 

This ability to segment your email list and send relevant messages is a large part of why email has the highest return on investment of any digital marketing channel. Returning on average $43 for every dollar spent.

And this is just as true for jewelry stores as it is for any other business. 

But not all emails are created equally and to get the best return from your email marketing campaigns, it helps to send well-designed emails.  

So to help inspire you when creating your email campaigns, we’ve put together this list of 10 great email marketing examples from jewelry brands. 

Jewelry email marketing examples

1) Francesca’s

example of a jewelry email campaign

This email campaign from Francesca’s is a good example of a typical jewelry email. Especially in how it makes heavy use of product imagery. 

The reason most jewelry emails use plenty of images is because jewelry is something that needs to be seen. There’s no use just talking about it.

Plenty of jewelry businesses will also do what Francesca’s has done and make use of models as this helps people visualize themselves wearing the jewelry. 

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2) 1928’s blue jewelry email campaign

blue email design

1928 has gone with a blue theme in their email design. 

This is a great way to showcase a particular color of jewelry and add some vibrance to your email campaigns. 

In addition to color, you could also base your emails around another theme like a particular gemstone, animal, or design motif.

3) Brighton’s black and white jewelry email

black and white jewelry email design

Not every jewelry email has to be colorful. 

Keeping your design black and white allows silvery jewelry to stand out when a colorful design would only distract from the jewelry images. 

Done well, black and white designs can also come across as elegant and high-end.

If these are attributes you associate with your brand, then it’s worthwhile experimenting with black and white designs.

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4) Spring email

spring jewelry email campaign

The beginning of a new season, especially spring, is a perfect opportunity to dedicate an email to. 

This particular email also includes a sale offer, but this is of course optional. The only important thing is that you present jewelry pieces that go well with the upcoming season. 

5) Tiffany&Co

tiffany&co email

This is an example of a welcome email from one of the world’s largest jewelry stores: Tiffany&Co. 

The beauty of this email design is in its simplicity and relevance of its imagery.

Not only is an image of a gift box a great visual metaphor of a warm welcome, but it’s also the iconic Tiffany’s box.

The clear call-to-action button right in the center of the email also does a great job of funneling customers through to the next step.

6) Astley Clarke

example of jewelry campaign

Win-back emails are an essential automation to keep customers engaged with your store. And this email from Astley Clarke is a great example of a win-back email from a jewelry store.

In addition to tempting customers back to their store with a generous offer, this email also outlines 17 reasons why customers should continue to shop with them.

High-quality product images are also added for good measure.

For more win-back inspiration, check out our collection of win-back emails here.

7) Monica Vinader’s animated email

animated jewelry email example

Adding an animated GIF to your email is a great way to great people’s attention and make your email stand out.

After all, chances are you found this email more attention-grabbing than any other in this collection.

When adding GIFs to your email campaigns, it’s important to remember that less is often more. 

If you include overly complicated animations it can become overwhelming and shift the focus away from your jewelry. 

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8) Kate Spade

jewelry email example

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most important event of the year for jewelry shops. So it only makes sense to include a Valentine’s Day example of a jewelry email on this list. 

And this email from Kate Spade is a great Valentine’s Day email to include. 

It’s got a simple, elegant design, great copy, and is clearly a Valentine’s Day email. 

For more inspiration and tips, check out our guide on Valentine’s Day email marketing

We also have a collection of Valentine’s Day subject lines in case you get stuck coming up with one for your campaign.

9) Halloween email

example of an email from a jewelry store

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday jewelers should be creating email campaigns for. 

There’s also Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas to name a few. But don’t limit yourself to just the typical holidays either. 

For instance, you can put together a Halloween collection and run a sale just like in this example. Another idea would be to put together a collection of green jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day

The other interesting thing about this email is the countdown timer at the bottom. 

Including this is a great way to create a sense of urgency and boost your conversion rates in your sale emails.

10) Monica Vinader

jewelry email design

This jewelry email from Monica Vinader showcases some of their newest arrivals. 

From a design perspective, the large hero image does a great job of showcasing their main new item and the smaller product images beneath lets people check out the range of items available.

There are then clear call to actions that make it easy for people to purchase the pieces of jewelry right from the email campaign.

The rest of your jewelry email marketing

Hopefully, you now have plenty of inspiration for your jewelry email design to work with. 

But email marketing is so much more than just sending good-looking emails. For example, to ensure your emails get opened, you need to give your jewelry emails great subject lines.

For more tips and strategy help, check out our guide on jewelry store email marketing

The guide takes you through every step of setting up a winning email marketing strategy from getting started and collecting email addresses to more advanced tips and best practices. 

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