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5 Free Welcome Email Templates You Can Start Using Today

5 Free Welcome Email Templates You Can Start Using Today

Welcome emails are your chance to make a great first impression. They also set the tone and expectations for your future email marketing. 

Which is why it’s important to send well-designed and engaging welcome emails.  

Especially when your welcome emails are opened much more regularly and new subscribers actively go looking for them after signing up for your email list. 

That’s why we’ve created these 5 welcome email templates below that you can use as your welcome email (or any other email for that matter) today. 

Welcome email templates

1) Fashion template

fashion welcome email template

This welcome email template is perfect for apparel brands and other fashion stores. 

It features a clean and modern design with a simple patterned background. There is space to reward new subscribers with a coupon code at the top to incentivize their first purchase. 

Of course, you can customize every element of the email design. 

This includes changing the copy, images, offer, and colors so that it matches your own brand and styling.

2) Tech template

tech-themed welcome template

A more tech-themed welcome email template, this one is perfect for electronics stores or sellers of other digital goods

This template features a darker design but maintains all of the same key elements as the last one including featured products, a welcome message, offer, and a few call-to-actions (CTA) buttons. 

In addition to customizing the design of these welcome email templates, you can also add or remove elements as you please. 

For example, you could add additional products, include a link to your latest blog post, or remove the discount code for customers who have already made a purchase. 

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3) Jewelry template

jewelry email template

If you run a jewelry store then this is the perfect template for your welcome email. 

The simple yet elegant background lets your jewelry shine and be the main focus of your email campaign.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your jewelry store, then be sure to check out our collection of jewelry email examples here.

Or if you just want to get your welcome campaign up and running, then you can start using this template through the link below.

4) Stationery template

stationery template

This stationery-inspired welcome email template doesn’t just work great for back-to-school emails

Just like with all the other templates, you can easily adapt it for any number of other products and services you offer.

If you decide to use the template ‘as is’ though, be sure to replace the placeholder text with copy that’s relevant to your store and audience.

5) Health food template

health food welcome email template

This welcome email template has a fresh summer vibe which makes it a great candidate for any store selling health foods or recipes. 

Of course, like every other template on this list, you can customize this template however you like and include your own best offer to increase your conversion rates.

If you like the layout but not the colors, you can easily just change up the color scheme, or vice versa. 

You can also change the background image, include extra social links in the footer and even use it for other campaigns besides your welcome email if you want. 

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How to use these templates

To start using any of these templates as your welcome email, you simply need to add SmartrMail to your online store

Once you’ve added SmartrMail to your Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Maropost Commerce Cloud, or PrestaShop store, you can then start using these templates with SmartrMail’s 15-day free trial. 

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If you want to, you can also send emails you create with the templates to existing subscribers. 

After the 15-day free trial period, there is also a generous free plan available for stores with under 1,000 subscribers.

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Creating a winning welcome email campaign

Getting the best results possible from your welcome campaigns involves more than just using a great-looking welcome email template. 

You’ll also want to know about all the best practices when it comes to automating your welcome campaign which you can learn about in our comprehensive guide on welcome email strategy.

To boost your open rates and make sure your welcome emails get read, you’ll also need to give your campaign a great email subject line. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 50 welcome email subject lines to help inspire your own.

Lastly, if you’re still looking for more inspiration for your welcome email design, be sure to check out our collection of welcome email examples here

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